Charity Thoughts

This page is a collection of "thoughts" based on some of the issues that Small Charity Support has helped other small charities deal with.

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The Good Sam
This "thought", was originally published in "The Third Sector" magazine ("members only" section) on 29-Jan-16.   A modern adaptation of the well-known story of "The Good Samaritan" it is based on some real issues encountered by Small Charity Support in helping other small charities.


Charity Bonds Raise £33M
This "thought" originally appeared as a comment (since deleted) in response to an article which appeared in Civil Society News on 17-Mar-17.   The article was reporting on a charity Care Home which had raised £33M by issuing interest-paying bonds.


HumptyDumptyColourWhat is a Charity?
This "thought" on misunderstandings about what organisations can, or cannot, be called "charities" is inspired by Lewis Carroll's description of the encounter between Alice and Humpty Dumpty in "Alice Through the Looking Glass".


18 Top Charities Pay Trustees
This "thought" is about the difficult issue of payments (ie: a wages/salaries) to trustees.


How SmallAndLargeSmall is "Small"?
This "thought" looks at what constitutes a "small" charity? - and why? - and the implications !


Should Private Schools be Charities?
PrivateSchoolThis "thought" looks at the implications, and possible consequences, of the recent suggestion from the UK Labour Party that the resources of private (ie: fee-paying) schools should be taken for distribution throughout the education system,