UsersFeedback7 June 21
Thank you for this fantastic response, I am incredibly grateful for you offering such a comprehensive reply.   I am sincerely grateful for your help, it has provided clarity for me in pulling this elusive final paragraph together

3 June 21
Thank you for taking the time to email back I really appreciate all the info you have sent!

31 May 21
Thank you so much for a very comprehensive and helpful reply which I truly appreciate.   It is indeed complex. I have noted the further referrals you've made.

21 May 21
Thank you so much for your quick reply. And thanks very much for your comprehensive answer to my query, that is hugely helpful.   It’s really useful to know the options, and also why the ‘in practice’ approach differs from the ‘theoretical’ approach.

19 May 21
Thank you so much for your help today and sending this word document- this will be really helpful in moving forward with the application. 

16 May 21
Thank you for your swift response.   That is very helpful and the leaflets are great.

7 May 21
I'm the chair of a newish charity.   I wanted to thank you for the sample policies that you have put up. It has made my life a hell of a lot easier!

1 May 21
Thank you so much for this thorough reply.   This is very helpful indeed.   I’ll consider other models but will probably find that I can operate this, most simply, through my own account.

30 April 21
Thank you so much for your brilliant, helpful and detailed reply!   This is just what our small working party needs as we felt overwhelmed by the bureaucracy of it all.

28 April 21
Thanks so much for your presentation on Monday which I think opened many eyes on how we can develop our Chart of Accounts to better serve our current and future needs.   As ever, what you get out reflects what you put in and I think starting with that bottom up approach was illuminating for us.

23 April 21
Thank you so much for your reassuring guidance on our meeting on Wednesday.   I for one felt a great sense of relief that there might be light at the end of the tunnel we've been in.   I think your knowledge extends well beyond that of the 'man on the Clapham omnibus' but I understand the sentiment. 

22 April 21
Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for producing a very informative online resource which helps small charities as they begin their long journey in helping others. 

21 April 21
Thanks for your very comprehensive, helpful, and generous reply.   My experience completing the form is exactly as you stated which prompted my cry for help.   Thanks also for the advice on charitable purposes.

7 April 21
Many thanks for our discussion yesterday, it was just what I needed to clarify the way forward. 

31 March 21
Thank you for your prompt reply.   It has been very useful and has pointed us in the right direction.   Your help is very much appreciated.

12 March 21
On behalf of the Trustees, many thanks for your time last evening.   We felt it a useful session and gives us plenty to go on so that we can move forward.   So thanks for your helpful advice and insight.

6 March 21
You did an absolute amazing job today.   Your presentation was excellent and very clear.   It was brilliant that you could tell the members the facts, as I'm sure they wouldn't have accepted it from us alone.   Also many many thanks for all your support to the charity to date, and for me personally, I am not sure i would have got this far without your guidance and advice. 

25 January 21
Your website is a great resource that I'm very appreciative of. Thank you very much!

14 January 21
Thank you so much for your comprehensive response to my enquiry.   I will certainly make enquiries with the trustees as to why we are a charitable company as opposed to a CIO.   Your insights into the benefits  of being a CIO and issues we may face going forward also provide food for thought.

12 January 21
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, very much appreciated! It was very useful indeed.

4 January 21
Many thanks for your prompt reply - you have explained things well so it’s clear.