Some recent unsolicited comments from people who have come to us for some support & guidance on a range of small charity issues.


25 May
I'm writing to let you know we are finally registered.   It was so quick and we had one error - trustee's shortened name and they rewrote the wordings for the objectives which we agreed on after some changes.   Thank you for your help.   I met several people before you but you came through for us.   Your advice was spot on.

12 May
Thank you once again for your generous advice.   Really appreciate the work that Small Charity Support is doing,   We would definitely recommend your services to other charities!

9 May
Thank you for your marvellous website and in particular the sample / template documents - most useful indeed.

9 May
Fantastic news   thanks so much again

8 May
I am really amazed to read your website and its really a helping hand for small charities.

6 May
Thank you for emailing and thank you so much for the time you gave to us on Wednesday evening - we all really appreciated it.

2 May
Thanks for meeting me today and I'll go through and sort out the form.   I'm happy with your suggestions and agree with you.   I'll let you know how it goes

28 April
Thanks a lot. Will do that once I get home today.   Thanks for getting back.

28 April
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to us, we really appreciate you taking the time to explain.

26 April
That's one of the most-useful and properly-detailed responses to the R&P v Accruals dilemma that I've ever read.

22 April
Thank you so much for your speedy reply.   No doubt I will pick your brains again soon

12 April
Thanks a lot for your quick response and really appreciate your response.

9 April
I would like to thank you for your prompt reply, advice and guidance.

7 April
Firstly, thank you so much for the helpful information on your website.   This information is what I have been desperately searching for across multiple avenues and I am so happy to see it all in one place on your website.

24 March
Once again, thank you ever so much for your contribution in this constitution.

21 March
Thank you so much for your time,   I appreciate all of your time and the help you have provided

21 February
Really well written.   And goes to show the utter illusion that everybody lives in.

20 February
I came across your ‘other resources’ landing page at and noticed you've listed a range of great resources there.

16 February
Thank you so much for your efforts in finding out this information.

15 February
I hope you are well.   After searching for support, I came across your fantastic site, which I am sure is going to help us on many things.

7 February
Figure to set for capitalisation:   That’s fantastically helpful as always, thank you. We’ll set it at £5K

3 February
Many thanks for your detailed and very helpful email.   We appreciate you taking the time to answer the question.

23 January
Thankyou.   Your comments and additional links are very helpful.